www.davcomcj.comI’m CJ Davidson. Welcome to DavComCJ Design & Video. I’ve created this d.b.a to showcase my work. Not only am I proficient in Graphic Design, Motion graphics and web design, but I am also social media savvy for all your marketing needs. As the slides above show, I have many years of experience in web design and SEO to get your site listed higher in Google. Enjoy my work in my humble website and Email CJ or call 818-843-1029 for a reasonable quote and professional service you won’t find anywhere else.

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Current Projects

https://www.davcomcj.comT. Rowe Price – Octane Render Demo/Spot. Developed with Octane Render plugin for high resolution quality and super results. OTAY is used in most commercials and visual effects motion pictures.  Written, directed, and voiced by CJ Davidson. 3D instant YouTube commercials and sizzle reels.  Email CJ or call 818-843-1029 for a quote.

https://www.davcomcj.com/WordPress Woo Commerce E-Commerce site complete with shopping carts, click and pay transactions for your holiday sales! These customized e-Commerce sites make the perfect gift for anyone who needs an online business site! Email CJ or call 818-843-1029 for a quote.

https://www.davcomcj.comAnimated 3D Holiday Slideshow for all your holiday needs. Give your family the prefect gift by animating them and your  events!  We use adobe Character Animator to replicate and animate your family’s faces! 1 to 5 minute slideshow. Email CJ or call 818-843-1029 for a quote.

Custom Logo Design. Distinguish your company with a unique logo that defines your corporate identity. Email CJ or call 818-843-1029 for a quote.

https://www.davcomcj.comPromotional Advertising  We can provide custom flyer design for all your events and activities with fast turnaround and a great price.  Email CJ or call 818-843-1029 for a quote.

https://www.davcomcj.com Animated Promotional Videos Stand out from the crowd with our Character Animator promotional videos for your website, social media and all your promotional needs!  Email CJ or call 818-843-1029 for a quote.