“Design like there is no tomorrow.  Design as if you were in a race against time, because you are. Design like you never have before. Design as if it is your last project, because, lets face it, folks…it just might be.” ~ CJ Davidson, Director of Human Activities, DavCom CJ Design & Video.

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Welcome to DavComCJ Design & Video

In today’s ever changing world of technology, we have brought together the most efficient mode of communications and design by utilizing Skype, Paypal and what we call the “Instant Approval” technique.

Acquiring approvals on urgently needed compositions are critical to the survival of any design firm. This is why we have chosen Skype Desktop Share to empower clients to direct our designers/motion graphic artists INSTANTLY. Using REAL TIME Desktop sharing, the design experience becomes a rapid and efficient way to complete and implement projects. Get a quote in the chat, NOW! Or call 818-843-1029.